When you’re as committed to amazing coffee as we are, you do everything you can to protect the resources that will make it abundant for the long haul. Because when it comes to leading in the coffee business, sustainability should come first.
Learn more about the causes and initiatives that are close to the heart of our organization. Our work and focus on programs at origin help get us to the root of sustainability - healthcare and empowerment of women and families.  

Consciously chemical free

Swiss Water® Process was designed as alternative to using Methylene Chloride as a decaffeination solvent. We are fully committed to quality coffee, and we are committed to never using chemicals to remove caffeine. We proudly keep Methylene Chloride and Ethyl Acetate out of our facility and away from your coffee.

Swiss Water® Process – 100% chemical coffee decaffeination.

Sustainable coffee options

Certifications help ensure sustainable farming practices are maintained, fair wages are supported and transparency in the supply chain is achieved. In short, they’re good for coffee. And we’re all about standing behind anything that’s good for our favorite beverage. That’s why Swiss Water® Process maintains key coffee certifications as an important part of our sustainability efforts.

Learn more about our certifications.

Grounds for Health

Through our close relationship with Grounds for Health, we’re committed to influencing direct and positive impact on the health, empowerment and dignity of women and families in coffee-growing communities. By supporting the sustainability of the family, we can support the sustainability of the farms.

In addition to our annual corporate contribution, Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company employees regularly contribute personally as well sponsor many fundraising initiatives throughout the year.

Healthy women, healthy harvests

Grounds for Health provides a single visit approach to screening and treating cervical cancer, the number-one cause of cancer deaths in women in poor countries. Screening is important because it means catching cancer early when it’s treatable. In week-long campaigns, GFH screens hundreds of women in communities and provides immediate treatment so that families remain intact and healthy.

Making a difference

Since 1996, the program has been successfully established in Ethiopia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Tanzania. In total, Grounds for Health has provided screening for more than 53,000 women and continues to grow every year. These are numbers we’re proud to support because it directly impacts the families in countries we buy coffee from.

To learn more about Grounds for Health, visit their website


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