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Decaf drinkers aren’t a special kind of people—they’re coffee lovers who crave coffee. And a great-tasting decaf coffee makes that second, third, or thirteenth pour just as delicious as the first. No wonder decaf sales are growing faster than regular coffee sales1. In fact, people who drink decaf tend to drink more cups of coffee a day, and look for better quality coffee!2

Why such growth? Because people who love coffee want another cup — minus the caffeine. Flavorful, complex, and chemical-free, Swiss Water Process offers decaf drinkers a coffee worth craving.

Learn how amazing coffee, without caffeine, can help grow your business. Download our infographic.

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  1. Studylogic quarterly panel data, U.S. Market, comparing 2016 to 2017
  2. Studylogic custom research on behalf of Swiss Water, July 2017

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The roaster kit is for commercial roasters and features green decaffeinated coffee samples.


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