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This is no fairy tale.

There’s no disguising a chemical process.

Think about the taste of coffee that’s been through an ethyl acetate process. Calling it “sugar cane” doesn’t disguise the unnatural flavor. Something is off—it always is when caffeine is removed with chemicals.
Why sully your spoon?

At Swiss Water, we don’t try to fool anyone with fancy names and dressed up processes. Instead of taking chemical shortcuts, we’ve invested years of know-how and careful adjustments to how we handle the beans.

Our 100% chemical-free process removes caffeine, and nothing else; we don’t put flavor in, and we don’t take it out—we leave all the tasty and subtle notes of origin. The beans you get roast and taste the way they should. No funny business.

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There's no disguising a chemical process.

Roaster Kit is for coffee industry only; contains green (unroasted) decaffeinated coffee.


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