#ArtWithoutCaffeine at the Swiss Water® Coffee Studio is a one of a kind experience to try coffee like you’ve never had it before.
Why? Because you've been asking for it! Coffee is not all about caffeine, and we've placed the focus back on the experience.
Once inside you will be invited to experience the Art of Coffee Without Caffeine. Be guided through a sensory experience that includes espresso, hand crafted manually brewed coffee and cold brew options. There will also be educational elements of how we remove caffeine from coffee with our innovative and unique 100% chemical free process.
In the evenings, the experience amplifies the Art of Coffee Without Caffeine and with musical performances from Leisure Cruise, Oct 30 and Hollerado, Nov 5.
We’re not alone in our pursuit of the Art of Coffee Without Caffeine. Local NY-based artists are bringing their talents to express coffee’s journey from the origin countries from which the bean is grown to your espresso cup.
Check them out here: Dasic Fernández, David Pullman, Musketon, and Joe Doucet.
This event is free and open daily to the public. Check our Facebook event page for daily updates.
Oct 30 - Nov 8th
11:00am - 10:30pm

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